From left to right:  Johannes  [guit.]  |  Nicola  [guit./voc.]  |  Arnaud  [bass]  |  Armin  [dr.]Photograph: Linda Kyei Fond of parks – so far so obvious. Expect a personal and authentic soundtrack to the following scenery: Strolling at a moderate pace through the fragile idyll inmidst a vibrant city, breathing cold air, arms crossed behind your back.  Old tall trees open up space, faint city noise mixes with rustle of leaves, degenerated animals attentively watching your steps. You sit down, pause and notice the beauty of all this. ParkWalkers compact emopop/slowcore sound is created by two clean interweaved guitars, insistent bass lines, laid-back drums and the warm voice of Nicola. Melodies that stick to your head, within mostly classic song structures. You may be flashed back to the dear 90ies or be reminded of American Football or Snow-patrol. ParkWalker was founded in 2018 and is based in the metropolis of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. They have their roots in the DIY scene and have spent lots of hours on stages with different musical projects both in Germany and abroad (e.g. Tidal Sleep).